Monday, February 16, 2015

More round paintings - yay!

I made 6 more round paintings in the last few days.
We only have to submit one for Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp class,
but my love for painting on wood has been reawakened.

Rudy Rides! Bike Chase on Boardwalk

I like chase scenes.

I found an image of clotheslines on Pinterest that I liked, then later stumbled 
upon a panda toy hanging out to dry, soooo I couldn't resist.

I wanted to include another face with decorative flowers in the series
and thought it would be nice to paint a younger girl in springy fresh colors.

Peacock with babies and daisies

 A peacock seemed perfect for the round format.

Flirtatious Lion, in touch with feminine side ;)

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these as much as I've enjoyed painting them.

I have to decide which to submit by our deadline this Sunday 2-22. 
I think I have a favorite, but will see which lasts in my mind :)
Which one would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay warm East Coasters!!

xo, A

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I love painting pictures

  I just shared my sketches for the MATS Bootcamp class I'm taking
on Monday, but I wanted to show these painted versions on wood. I like them a lot!
Hope that doesn't sound bad, but somehow simply switching to the round format
feels * Fun* Fresh * Fabulous ;D

Our final assignment is to create a piece of wall art on a round wood panel.
Several years ago I had bought a bunch (too many) of 5" and 7" panels for prints I was creating.
I'm glad I held onto these, they're even notched on the back for easy hanging.

These are on the 7" diameter size. I wish they were larger, but they're sweet.

I have to go back onto a TV job tomorrow, so we'll see if I have time 
to make more before the end of the month.
I feel like I could keep going and going.

And now 
onto some (pretty awful) photos from a pretty great 
event at Society of Illustrators Tuesday night.

Nate Williams spoke about his process for creating art 
and discussed his 1st two picture books.

Afterwards there was a Q&A with a fun informative panel-
James Yang, author/illustrator
Giuseppe Castellano, Art Director/Penguin Young Readers
Jim Hoover, Assoc. Art Director/Viking Books
and the lovely Kirsten Hall, Agent/Cat Bird *(website, a work in progress)
She baked chocolate chip cookies for the whole audience.
They were delicious, too!

Nate's talk was funny and full of some gems to consider when working on story ideas.
I attend a fair number of talks about creating picture books, but this was better 
than most, in part, because the audience had good questions 
and the panel was straightforward in their answers.
I also learned that James Yang is quite funny!

I received an original print for being one of the first 15 to arrive.
Friends may find this funny, since I'm often running late.

I bought Hank & snOliver and a couple of journals.
Nate is incredibly nice. I know a lot of you illustrators know him
from Illustration Mundo, I'm not really clear if he's still running it or not.
I know he had featured my friend, Kristine Lombardi's work there
and they had had phone conversations about the industry in the past.
I was happy to report that she was busy meeting a deadline
for her 2nd book to be published by Abrams.

The best part of the night was when the panel all agreed that this is a 
"Golden Age" in children's book publishing, not only in terms of numbers
of books being published, but for the sophistication of images 
being created for them. 

Hmmmm, if I can't break into this now ...
 well, I'm gonna leave on a high note!

Have a great weekend!
xo, A

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sketches - scenes with animals - no surprise, I know

Hello there

I had a cold over the weekend :( but it kept me in to do a few more sketches for 
MATS Bootcamp class. Our "mini" assignment was to research and sketch 
scenes for plates. Apparently, our final piece will not be plate design.
This is basically, the warm-up, which is quite fun :)

I enjoy Lilla's approach, giving us specific parameters to work within, 
while encouraging a loose playful start.

I'm sticking, predominantly, with children's imagery.
Of course, Pinterest makes it easy to find anything you're drawn to drawing, so to speak!

These were fun to draw.

So far, I really like this guy.

I'm excited to learn what the actual assignment will be.
Wish me luck.

Have a good week!
xo, A

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leap of faith

I've been pretty busy lately painting sets on the TV show The Following
so I haven't had much time to post here.

I'm working with a great fun crew which makes all the difference. 
It's nice to occasionally see Kevin Bacon on set when they're shooting nearby, 
but I'm still waiting to catch a glimpse of James Purefoy.
I loved him as Mark Antony in HBO's series Rome
Maybe tomorrow ;)

I do have a couple of new little paintings to share. 
Above is a quickie dog portrait, happy terrier!

Below, is my Manifesto for Lilla Rogers MATS Bootcamp class.
We have until the end of each month to complete our
regular assignments. This was an optional project,
incorporating Lilla's teaching philosophy, with an opportunity 
to have your piece showcased in coming months.
 I didn't have a chance to create anything until Sunday 
(with little time to spare before deadline) but I decided to give it a go.
I'm not thrilled with the lettering, but overall it's pretty cute I think.

I've always embraced play, but taking a leap of faith
by showing work to agents, publishers and product manufacturers ... 
is something that's taken me a long time to do!

It's a good night for tea (16 degrees and falling fast here on the East Coast, brrrrr

Thanks for taking a look. Stay warm!

xo, A

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MATS Bootcamp Gallery January 2015 is Up!

A follow up to Saturday's post - MATS Bootcamp gallery
view Edwardian inspired journal designs 
Above are just a handful of my favorites - I'm on page 5

Take a look at close to 500 pieces of art :)
Don't worry, it's quick & simple to scroll through!

:: Enjoy the rest of your week ::
xo, A

Saturday, January 24, 2015

new & noteworthy

Happy Saturday! 
It snowed here in NYC last night :)
I spent time finishing up my journal cover for Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015
I got a late start on sketching, but I really enjoyed this one.

Our mini assignment was to sketch Edwardian brooches.
I got a little off track when I spotted a baby bear and tree on Pinterest
while looking at images.

For those of you who don't know, Lilla is a licensing agent who has paired up with
Beth Kempton, Do What You Love, in the UK to offer online classes 
that help hone your skills and gain a better understanding of the business.

I took her intensive 5 week class, Make Art That Sells 3A last spring. 
I learned a lot and gained more confidence.
Melissa Iwai convinced me that Bootcamp was just as helpful, with deadlines
end of each month rather than weekly, encompassing 5 months and for less $
The only drawback is that you don't have a chance to have your work reviewed 
by Lilla, herself, but finished pieces are displayed in the Bootcamp Galleries. 
You can view last year's projects here.

Our final assignment was to create a journal cover. You could incorporate your sketches
and reference in any way you like. I'm not the only artist who chose to frame animals
and I almost resisted the urge, but I take do what you love pretty seriously! 

It's funny, because I often sketch frames and animals in frames, "hanging" salon style.
Some of mine took on more of a Mexican folk look, with the bright color and flowers, 
but I'm happy with the mix. Lilla stresses to make what you would buy for yourself.

So I try! and hope that others share my taste in art and products :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Lena is taking a snow day ... Zzzzzz

xo, A

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January art, my etsy shop and Cricket magazine

The new year has started, I celebrated a birthday and I've been painting.
I began this one a year ago, then put it aside. 
I went back into it the other day and I'm pretty happy with it.

Above is the initial sketch. Hope you can tell it's a class on a field trip to the modern museum.

It's very cold this week, so I painted some bright springy flowers :)

below, with a muted grey background.

Speaking of flowers,
I just added three wristlets, a pencil case and a coin purse to my etsy shop - Blip Blop Shop

I sold two and gave one as a gift over the holidays. 
My friend, Margot Kingon sewed these for me and I think they're real sweet.

Take a look at my shop to see details.

While I was home for the holidays, I came across this vintage Cricket Magazine
from 1976. It's pretty great! The cover art is by Erik Blegvad

I don't think I ever entered a contest, but it's fun to read over this one.

I was surprised to find a poem by Sylvia Plath.
You can see The Bed Book on Brain Pickings, one of my favorite blogs btw
Sylvia wrote this series of poems for her own children 
It was illustrated by Quentin Blake 

The art here is by Emily McCully

I really like this Coming Attractions page and got a kick out of the 
worm wishing a Merry Christmas to his tail and vice versa ;)

It's in good shape overall. I'll give it a read!

Ok, that's all for now.
Off to locate more blankets!

Enjoy the rest of your week.
xo, A


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